Using Essential Accessories :- Calculator

Using Essential Accessories :- Calculator


• Calculator is a software program included in all versions of Windows.
• Window provides a simple calculator for doing arithmetic calculations.
• To open a Calculator, click on the Start button, select All Programs, 
choose Accessories and then click Calculator.

• Calculator provides four modes of calculation. They are,

  1. Standard Mode
  2. Scientific Mode
  3. Programmer Mode 
  4. Statistics Mode

• Standard Mode 

  • By default, Calculator runs in standard mode, which resembles a four-function calculator. 

Standard Mode features are,
  1. MC - Clears number in memory. 
  2. MR - Recalls number in memory. 
  3. MS - Stores number displayed in memory. 
  4. M+ - Adds number displayed to number in memory. 
  5. ← - deletes the last digit of the number displayed.
  6. CE - Clears the last number input. 
  7. C - Clears the last calculation. 
  8. ± - Changes the sign of the number.

 Note: Only the commonly misunderstood buttons are pointed out.

• Scientific Mode.

  • More advanced functions are available in scientific mode To view the scientific calculator, select the view menu and click on Scientific. 
  • In Scientific mode, Calculator is precise to 32 significant digits and honors operator precedence.  
  • It offers functions such as basic to-the-power-of calculations as well as more powerful functions like sine, cosine, and pi functions.  
  • User can use them in normal or inverse mode.

• Programmer Mode

  • In Programmer mode, Calculator is precise up to 64 bits, depending on the word size.  
  • The calculator honors operator precedence in Programmer mode and works in integer only mode. Decimals are discarded.  
  • This mode lets user work in a variety of basic operations such as binary, octal, hexadecimal, and decimal.  
  • It can do calculations from one base to another, such as converting octal to binary.

• Statistics Mode

  • The Statistics mode is not quite as elaborate as the other two, but it‘s still something the old calculator did not have.  
  • User get functions like the sum of numbers and the sum of numbers to a power to make statistical calculations. 
  • The C key in statistics mode deletes the current value expressed instead of clearing it.  
  • The CAD button clears all the values from the dataset, since statistics are usually built on a large number of figures.

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